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Needle Mesotherapy

Dermapen is a special device with MIKRO needles or NANO needles. (Depending on which attachment is used) The skin after treatment with DERMAPEN can absorb up to 80% of the active substances contained in high-performance serums into the EPIDERMIS and DERMIS, that is, exactly where we need it. How does it work? I pass the Dermapen over your skin and create small punctures in the skin. These injections will become a transport tunnel through which I will deliver active substances directly to the skin. With tiny injections, the skin starts the regeneration process and creates much more collagen and elastin. Benefit of mesotherapy:

– Improvement and rejuvenation of skin condition

– Effectively helps to smooth out wrinkles

– Deep hydration of the skin

– Solving signs of pigmentation and hyperpigmentation of the skin

– Tightening of pores and correction of fine scars

– Color unification of skin tone

Contraindications – When mesotherapy is not suitable:

– When using antibiotics, blood thinners-anticoagulants

– Retinol A, must not be used 1 month before the treatment

– Herpes Zoster, acute inflammatory changes on the skin, psoriasis, Diabetes, increased sensitivity of the skin or allergy to local surface anesthetics

– It is not suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

– Oncology patient

Mesotherapy (Non-Invasive)

The active substances from the massage cocktail used penetrate deep into the skin thanks to electroporation. I apply medicinal preparations to the skin by the electroporation method through microchannels using a massage head. The electrical impulse disrupts the polarity of the cells, which helps the absorption of active substances. Mesotherapy suppresses the signs of skin aging, wrinkles, and muscle sagging. The effect is visible immediately in the form of tightened, hydrated and radiant skin.

Radio Frequency with Laser

Radiofrequency is a method also known as non-surgical lifting. Radiofrequency waves cause heat to build up in the tissues and the procedure is very pleasant and painless rendering a slight sense of warmth. The procedure consists in heating the collagen fibers which causes their contraction and tightening, improving skin regeneration and tightening. Already after the first treatment you will clearly see a visible firming and smoothing of your face.

DEEP Cleansing of the Skin

Deep Cleansing of the skin is the basis of healthy and clean facial skin care.

PROTOCOL OF TREATMENT: In the beginning, I perform a surface cleaning and apply a peeling made from natural substances of Swiss cosmetics Larens. Subsequently, the skin is prepared using a softening gel or ozone steaming. I will use cavitation peeling – an ultrasonic spatula, which helps to remove dead skin cells, and then I will perform a manual cleansing of the skin. Using the ultrasonic head, I will apply bioactive substances, serums, ampoules or gel for skin nutrition and hydration. Finally, we apply a mask as needed. Deep cleansing of the skin takes a little more time and I do it based on the individual skin type.

Detox Skin Treatment

Detox treatment smoothes, Unifies and Energizes the Skin.

It detoxifies and remineralizes the skin and reduces the amount of free radicals

in the skin. After the Treatment, the skin is better Oxygenated,

Cleaned and Strengthened.

Chemical Peeling

This treatment uses chemical properties to exfoliate the topmost parts of the skin. Preparations are applied to the skin to erode the skin to the desired depth and then they are neutralized. Chemical peels are used to deal with acne, oily skin problems and acne scars. It smooths fine lines, rejuvenates aging skin, improves hydration, and counteracts minor pigment changes. This treatment is ideally performed from autumn to spring

Lamination of Eyebrows

It is a temporary brow treatment for 4-5 weeks to fix, color and moisturize the brows. It is suitable for sparse and lackluster eyebrows, as well as for thick and bushy. Lamination at the same time accentuates the hair and promotes its quality and growth. Natural shiny look and painless application. After the treatment to preserve the result the eyebrows should not come into contact with water and other cosmetic products for the next 24 hours.

Lash Lifting

If eyelash extensions do not suit you, with a lash lift you will get a naturally beautiful look. In the Lash Lift technique the eyelashes are curled using silicone pads and then a cream-consistency product is applied. After curling  the eyelashes are dyed black  and nourishing treatment is applied to strengthen and nourish the lashes. After the treatment to preserve the result the lashes should not come into contact with water and other cosmetic products for the next 24 hours. The Lash Lift effect lasts about 4-5 weeks depending on the eyelash growth cycle.